Dispute Resolution

Ms. Gammer is a mediator and arbitrator in employment and labor disputes.


Over 90% of all civil cases filed in court in the Seattle region settle during mediation rather than proceed to trial. Mediation allows the parties to step outside the litigation process and reduce the time, expense, and emotional toll of litigation. It is a non-binding process in which an experienced attorney assists the parties to develop and consider ways to resolve the dispute and reach a mutually acceptable outcome. The selection of an effective mediator is a critical step in the resolution of a case.

Ms. Gammer has practiced employment and labor law for thirty years. Her mediation practice is focused on her area of expertise. She serves as a mediator in disputes involving claims of:

  • Discrimination, harassment and retaliation
  • Disability accommodation
  • Breach of contract
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Unfair competition and misappropriation of trade secrets

She has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in employment disputes and been a litigator and corporate counsel. This blend of experience gives her a unique ability to understand the perspectives of all parties. Her comprehensive knowledge of statutory, contract, and tort law applicable to workplace claims enables her to understand the legal landscape of each matter, assess the respective positions of the parties, and assist the parties to identify and consider workable settlement options. She is well prepared for each case, even-handed, patient, and fair. She focuses on solutions that meet the interests of all sides.

Ms. Gammer's availability to serve as a mediator can be obtained by phone or email. The process she follows in each case is informed by the nature of the dispute and the parties' representatives. Generally, Ms. Gammer expects the parties to submit mediation memoranda and also send her a confidential letter. In many cases, she holds a pre-mediation conference with the parties' counsel. She expects the key decision-makers to be present at the mediation. If post-mediation session involvement is needed, Ms. Gammer is committed to follow up with the parties as necessary and appropriate.


Arbitration is a resolution process that involves the submission of a dispute to one or more neutral decisionmakers for a final and binding decision. With substantial experience in employment and labor relations law, Ms. Gammer possesses industry-specific knowledge and insures all parties in an arbitration are treated fairly and impartially. Ms. Gammer's availability to serve as an arbitrator can be obtained by phone or email.